Alexey Nikitin photographer

Contact with me

+7 903 198 6264

All social networks @nikybwd. Direct links are provided at the bottom of the page.

I am available for your ideas 24/7/365. I work in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Sochi, Novosibirsk, Kaliningrad, Vladivostok and other cities of Russia. I also have a European residence permit, which allows me to freely and quickly travel with you to any corner of the world.

My achievements:

■ 35Th Awards: TOP50 Moscow photographers 2023 in the genres of “Women’s portrait”, “Black and white nude”, “Emotional portrait” and “Street photography”

■ 35Th Awards: Best aerial photographer of Russia 2021 and 3rd place in the World

■ 35Th Awards: “Architectural Photography” TOP5 in the World 2023

■ 35Th Awards: “Red color” TOP35, “Green color” TOP50, “Blue color” TOP50, “Sailing photo” TOP35, “Aerial photo of the city” TOP35, “Skyscrapers” TOP10 etc

■ Active citizen: “My district. Troika Card” Winner

■ Skypixel: Best new user of year 2020, Story Author, Staff pick и Weekly selection

■ Agoraimages: “Top50 photo” in the genres: Travel, Friends, Winter, Architecture, Aerial, Blue, Geometry, Autumn, Bestoftheweek, Education, Landscape и “Top50 video”: PlanetEarth2021 и BestOfTheMonth

■ Airvuz: Drone video of the week

■ My planet. Wonders of Russia: Winner

■ Travel photographer of the year (TPOTY): Winner

■ BlueGreenEarth: Winner

■ JEJU Drone film festival: Winner

■ Wind of wanderings: Winner

■ Greece Photo Contest: Finalist

■ RGO “The Most Beautiful Country”: Finalist

■ winner in the category “Look at the World Wider”

■ Objectively about Moscow: winner 2021 and jury member 2022

■ Twenty20: Editors Pick, Signature collection и Best 1% user