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My name is Alexey Nikitin

I am engaged in professional photography in such categories as: portrait, reportage, interior, architecture and landscape. Video filming of reports and staged events using high-quality high-end equipment and the creation of mobile Reels. As well as aerial photography using modern civilian drones. 

My photos and video works were exhibited at exhibitions in London, Abu Dhabi, Seoul and Moscow, as well as on social networks and official accounts Moscow24, Channel 1 (Russia), My Planet, Ostankino, VDNH, Ferris wheel “Sun of Moscow”, Russian Football Union, VTB Arena (Central Stadium named after Lev Yashin), Dynamo Football Club (Moscow), Izvestia, Ria Novosti and many others.

My portfolio includes:

  • Artistic and production work with people in photo studios, as well as street photography
  • Reportage photography: corporate event, training, concert or sporting event
  • Landscape works
  • Filming the urban environment, including aerial photography from a drone
  • Construction and industrial facilities

I am open to offers from any corner of the World (I have a European residence permit, I can travel with you to any point on the same day) and from Russia. To date, we have successfully completed commercial orders in Greece, Italy and Cyprus. In Russia from Tomsk to Kaliningrad. And the geography is constantly expanding

You definitely need to contact me if:

  • You don’t have enough unique and vibrant photo cards for social networks. You need to do model tests, acting snaps or a professional portfolio for agencies. You want to have a family photo session or with your favorite animal. I will take photos and videos for you that will definitely stand out and will collect a huge number of likes or help you get a job
  • You will have a fun corporate party, concert program or event, sports — I have all the necessary equipment for filming of any complexity
  • Your park, hotel, travel agency or apartment/houses needs a beautiful presentation on a website or in a presentation — I will be happy to take the best shots
  • You urgently need footage of an object under construction — I will quickly and conveniently photograph any residential complex, shopping center, suburban area or road work

Reviews of my work are always available here

More than 150 portrait photography in studios and street, as well as more than 200 reportage shooting with dozens of different partners. Commercial architectural aerial photography in 3 different countries. I’m waiting for you too!